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Polyurethane Sealant​

Pu grout is used as a grout for concrete for expansion. Used for floor or wall work for expansion

Swollen rubber​

Swelling Waterstop

Swollen rubber or waterproofing rubber used for embedding concrete to be used to prevent leakage in the joints Waterproof structure.


Canned foam pu

PU foam for filling gap

Foam cans or pu foam cans are used to fill traces of cracks, crevices or fill only holes, pipes, leaks, water leaks, water seepage.


PVC Waterstop

PVC Waterstop

PVC Waterstop for waterproof joints of concrete structures such as tank walls, retaining walls, basement floor structures.

Epoxy putty

Clay glue or epoxy putty is used for patching, sealing, cracks in concrete, mortar, steel, metal, ceramics and others.

Multi-purpose nail glue

No more nails adhesive

Multi-purpose nail glue used as a high quality building material adhesive can be used to stick a variety of materials and can stick to damaged bathroom tiles.



Neoprenece compression seal

Neoprenece rubber is used to block the road surface to support expansion. It is a barrier material for bridges and buildings. ASTM D3542 is also used with ASTM D4070.


Expansion Join

Bridge neck rubber

Plain bearing rubber pad

Bridge neck rubber for use with bridge beams or general segment span is not much. Along with the force down


Repair water leaks, seepage​

Leak Repair​

Water leakage, water leakage, can be used to repair foam or pu foam to fill the leak, Foam shooting with a high pressure machine shoot the water leak.


Iron plug

Epoxy Anchoring

Steel plug epoxy solutions is used to connect deformed reinforcing steel with reinforced concrete structures to receive ultra-high power.

Material, grout


Grout material is used for pouring on the base to fill. High compressive strength can flow well has the property of not shrinking when dry.

Bagasse paper

Joint Filler

Bagasse paper impregnated with oil joint filler for separating concrete road joints before pouring grout, used to control stretching from temperature.


Waterproof -Tape

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